How to Choose a Doorbell Camera

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In times such as these, home security is a crucial element of any household and home. Being able to feel safe and invulnerable, especially at night hours, is something everyone deserves. A wireless video doorbell camera is unique in that it offers both convenience and protection, and because no wires are involved, the installation process is quick and straightforward. Many features should be provided in a video doorbell camera including:

  1. Infrared night vision: this feature allows users to see clear, exact images at night
  2. Motion detection: this component signals when a person walks onto a property or enters a driveway
  3. Tamper detection: this feature notifies the owner when any movement occurs near the doorbell
  4. An adequate range: a range of at least 200 feet is needed for the best use of the monitor

When a visitor arrives, and the doorbell is pressed, the indoor monitor should sound a chime, displaying the guest on screen. This allows for a safe and convenient conversation with whoever is on the other side of the door. A hands-free operation would be best because the owner would be able to carry on a conversation without having to hold anything.

The ability to unlock the door with the touch of a button also appeals to many homeowners. Some video doorbells offer this feature, allowing a person to open a door from far within the home. Of course, it is crucial to know who is being allowed into the home, which is why the video monitor is so important. Also, this same feature allows the homeowner to lock the door from within the home, adding another level of safety.

Flexible mounting options should be included with any system so that the outdoor camera can be adjusted for best viewing. It is important to make sure the camera is angled in a way to ensure the best viewing capabilities. If the camera is not set up correctly, a clear picture cannot be presented, which makes the level of security drop substantially.

A wireless video doorbell offers security by sending signals and messages to the homeowner. Depending on what setting the system is programmed to, even the slightest outside movement can trigger a response. This helps members of the household, young and old, to feel safe in their home. At the end of the day, security is what matters most, and a video doorbell can provide it.