Indinator Home Inspection is the company that provides you with a lot of services. Our expertise in inspecting a home for a possible home purchase established our name in the industry because we are the best and the most credible firm that you can trust. Check out the available services that we can provide to all our clients.

Electrical Systems

It is important that the electrical systems in a home are in an excellent condition. We all know that electricity can be dangerous to kids and adults alike if it will be neglected.

Roof Inspection

We do not just look at the roof and write down that we have inspected it. What we do is make sure that we can evaluate the roof of the house accordingly so we can see if any broken shingles on it need to be replaced.

Plumbing System

The home that will be purchase should be in excellent condition most especially the plumbing system. Blocked water pipes and broken plumbing system needs to be checked out to make sure that it will not cause any trouble to the new homeowner.


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